Real Name: ExAtom

Exploding Atom

"Once, my TV didn't work so I kicked it. And it started working again." - ExAtom


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Powers and AbiltiesEdit


  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Exploding Atom's primary power is an accelerated healing factor which nables him to regenerate any destroyed tissue at a superhuman rate as well as making him immune to all known diseases. He can heal from nearly any type of injury no matter how severe in a matter of seconds; such injuries ranging from being shot multiple times or being impaled by other types of weapons or sharp objects. 
  • Ice Manipulation
  • Super Speed
  • Psychich/Telepathy Resistance: Ex's brain cells are also affected, with dying brain cells being rejuvenated at a super accelerated rate. This allows Ex to recover from any wounds inflicted to his head as well as rendering him nearly invulnerable to psychic and telepathic powers, as the altered or brain damaged brain cells quickly regenerate to their original state.
  • Drug/Toxin Immunity: Atom's body is also highly resistant to most drugs and toxins. For example, it is extremely difficult for him to become intoxicated. He can be affected by certain drugs such as tranquilisers, if he is exposed to a large enough dosage.
  • Extended Longeivity


  • Hand to Hand Combat (Advanced): Atom is adept in multiple forms of martial arts and is a master in multiple unarmed combat techniques.
  • Master Assassin/Mercenary: He is a master of assassination techniques, espionage methods, covert operations, infiltration methods, escape artistry, marksmanship, and is highly skilled with many bladed weapons and a number of other wapons including firearms.
  • Unpredictability: It is difficult for anyone to know what Atom will do at any given moment, given that he himself barely knows what he'll do at any given moment. This makes it difficult for his opponents to predict his actions in combat.



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