Kryptonite is radioactive pieces of the planet Krypton, produced after the planets destruction. Most Kryptonite is forms of krypton whereas some can be man-made. Here is a list of the known forms of kryptonite and thier effects to Kryptonians and humans alike.

Green KryptoniteEdit

  • The most common form of Kryptonite.</li></li>
  • Is beneficial to Bizzaro-Kryptonians.</li></li>
  • Lethal to Kryptonians.</li></li>
  • Harmless to humans.</li></li>
  • Short term exposure to Kryptonians can cause nausea, fatigue, and dizziness.</li></li>
  • Prolonged exposure can lead to vomiting, fits, losing conciousness and Death. </li></li>
  • Used as a power source for certain machines. </li>

    Red KryptoniteEdit


  • A rare form of kryptonite.</li></li>
  • Has no effect on Bizarro-kryptonians.</li></li>
  • Does not cause physical harm to Kryptonians, however, personality aspects and morals are at risk with contact with this form of Kryptonite. </li></li>
  • Effects personality traits of kryptonians, effecting thier emotional output i.e. extreme rage or threatining behaviour.</li></li>
  • Harmless to humans. </li>


    ==Blue Kryptonite==
      1. A very rare form of Kryptonite.
      2. Lethal to Bizarro-kryptonians.
      3. Has benificial properties to Kryptonians.
      4. Is an energy booster. 
      5. Has benificial properties to humans, i.e. raising awareness and curing diseases.
      6. Can be manufactured in the Fortress of solitude.

    Gold KryptoniteEdit

      1. The rarest form of Kryptonite.
      2. Lethal to both Bizarro and non bizarro-kryptonians.
      3. Robs a kryptonian of thier powers forever.
      4. No known anditote.