== Spider Byte== Not much is known about Spider Byte, he has been seen sneaking around various well known locations, usually not causing any problems, but a constant pressence.

[Flie obtained from SCU]

Spider Byte is a known intergalactic terrorist, working for many different organisations as a contracter, often in the cohersion area, but on occasions using violence to extort private funds. He has been rumoured to have had employment as a union buster and political assassin.  He prides himself as never being on a losing side, but has a reputaion for switching alliances freely.  He is not of human birth, race is not known.

His ExoArmour has not been traced to a individual dealer, techonolgy, or galaxy, but contains four additional limbs, working independantly via a spinal implant.  This armour has ballistic proof qualities, possible cloaking technology, and multiple plates that allow full movement.  One of his MOs is to set fire to areas to aid escape, or provide cover. This pyromancy may be part of the suits capabilities. The head piece is said to be a respirator, air supply, and UID device.

Although never seen in the flesh, Spider Byte is thought to have reptillian type skin.  His speach pattern replicates this.

Alias:  Tryxar, Spydbyt, Boyt, Syyd, Spydt, Golarth, Funny Legs, Arrach, Gunman of Asharaf, Trix, Traiblazer, Little Bob.  Arrach the Abbandoner.

Last known Activities: Was thought to be slave trading with a intergalactic 'fight club', but has since been seen on Earth.  Possible reasons why, he could be adding the Exobyte technology to his armour, or a seeming love of arachnid faunae of this plannet, hence the current known name.