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The Team was formed...

The New MayorEdit

When Jacob Lassiter announced on live television that he would campaign for the position of mayor, after the death of Scarlett Phoenix's sister by his doing, the Team was inevitably frustrated, as was Kayla herself, who decided to retreat into a state of mourning. They all knew and had decided that Lassiter had to pay however they wouldn't be able to touch him if he were to win the election.

After the 'accidental' death of Mayor Simmons, before the final casting of the vote for a new Mayor, Lassiter automatically took the position proceeding the unfortunate event. A funeral was held for the late Mayor Simmons and a ceremony for the new one. Only a week later, Lassiter held a celebration party in his campaign office; Surprisingly inviting the Team Supreme members. They all accepted the invitations and decided to try and find out what Lassiter is up to. 

Some time into the party, the Lassiter invited Kanine for a private conversation about making peace considering his new position and goals for forging peace; Subsequently tricking him in the process and infecting the team leader with red kryptonite. Zack began to lose control in front of the cameras placed in the room as people in the party were watching through monitors, and the due conflict between him and Skymare was twisted to make believe that Zack had finally snapped and decided to kill the new Mayor. Events proceeded and the Team defended themselves from armed police. Cornered and without a plan, the Team decided to escape with Zack.

Rage ReunitedEdit

The father of Nightbow who addressed himself to the Team only as Grimshaw when introducing himself to them as a replacement for Seth, late informed them that Seth was to return from his trials to become an Al Ghul.