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The Waspman


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James is...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Genius level intellect: James is quite easily one of the smartest people on earth with an extensively high IQ. Furthermore, this extends to his remarkable ingenuity dealing with different situations such as difficult foes or death traps where he is capable of using his available tools such as his suit to his advantage.
  • Expert Engineer: He is an excellent engineer, mechanic and inventor, capable of creating or fixing almost any, if not all machinery.
  • Expert Businessman: James is a renowned businessman, excelling in building his own economic empire and amassing his fortune through his ingenuity in business. He states that if he wanted to, he could give away his entire fortune and build it up again in a couple of weeks.



  • Advanced Battle Suit: His high-tech battle armour provides him with superhuman strength, endurance, durability, and a variety of onboard weapons. Combined with his extraordinary intelligence, it makes James Lassiter one of the most formidable superheroes on the planet and a force to be reckoned with. He has a number of suits aside from the current model.
    • Flight: One of the armour's most important features is its ability of flight and aviation through steering and control via the suits insect like wings. The armour can reach speeds as Mach 2 in moments.
    • Superhuman Strength: When utilizing the armour, it increases his physical abilities to superhuman levels. James is capable of overpowering normal humans, punching them with sufficient force to launch them great distances when in his armour. It also enables him to tear through most objects such stone walls and most metal objects with ease, lift most objects such as cars and other vehicles with ease.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: While not on order of someone with genuine superhuman physical abilities, particularly superhuman speed and reflexes, nonetheless, the armours have motors for movement. It is shown to be extremely fast and responsive in flight, and during combat.
    • Durability: The armour is made of a strong, light weight Titanium Alloy, with interlocking plates. It shows to be capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of punishment from both meta human and human weaponry attacks.


  • Repulsors: A particle beam weapon in the palm gauntlets. It can repel physical and energy-based attacks. The repulsers show to be strong enough to kill regular humans with one strike, destroy most objects with ease, and destroy unmanned battle drones. The repulsers are powerful enough to stun even a meta human with sufficient durability like Kanine.
  • Lasers: A powerful weapon in the gauntlets that can cut through any common metals with no apparent effort.