Will LourdeEdit

Wiilaim John Lourde, is a serving member of the Metropolis Police Department, working both for SCU and the Pro-Registration Act division.  It has been revealed that he is also a Green Lantern recruit.


Will Lourde was born in Metropolis's Tomorrow discrict, into the rich Lourde family.  After being sent to boarding school in Gotham, he disapointed his family by not wishing to join the family business of property development, but becoming a police officer.

After graduation into the MPD, on his first patrol he arrsted 3 members of the 'Red Hood Gang' but was later hospitalised due to multiple stab wounds he concealed. 

On return to duty, Lourde continued to put himself in the firing line, and grew in reputation by patrolling the Suicide Slums alone, and reducing the crime rate by 57% within a year.  It was during this time he was recorded by a reporter with the infamous saying "I think I broke seventeen bones today, (I'm) just glad none were my goddamn own"

Lourde was fast tracked to Detective, and was placed into the SCU, investigating the recent Exobyte powered community.

Around this time, Lourde was appoached by Guy Gardner, to help hold back the Sinestro corps recruits invading Metropolis.  After 3 years of fighting, Lourde was granted full Green Lantern membership, and was assigned in assesing the Exo Powered beings on Earth, as his role in SCU showed him to be more than adept in this matter.

In Spring 2014, Det. Lourde accused members of Team Supreme, along with other super powered beings, of terrorism, one of many steps towards bringing the Pro Registration Act in place.  He announced himself as the first registree, after a speech by the mayor on the Courthouse steps.